Each God has a unique ability designed for different playstyles and strategies.

Level up your Gods once you acquire enough worshippers! When a god is upgraded they gain increased attributes permanently. As you level up, the number of worshippers required to level up again increases.

Gods can be claimed through the Chests earned on the Trophy Pass, from gameplay, a Chest purchase, and in rare cases, in the shop. 


A Gods rarity is not tied to its strength. However, each god has different base stats and abilities that can give them the edge in a matchup.

God Rarities 

  • Core 

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary


How to Unlock Gods

To unlock more Gods, all you need to do is play the game. Gods are obtainable in chests, for purchase in the shop, and can be earned through gameplay on the free Trophy Pass.

Unlocking all the Gods will take a mix of luck and patience.

You can find Gods in: 

  • Chests

  • Shop

  • Trophy Pass

  • Dice Pass (Premium)


Trophies are earned by winning your matches. Since trophies are also another way to express your skill and progress within the game, you do have the ability to lose them. However, once you reach the amount of trophies needed to unlock the next tier of the Trophy Pass, you will maintain the rewards you already claimed. The Trophy Pass extends to 7500 trophies and the further you reach, the higher you'll be on global leaderboards.

Here are the Gods you can earn on the Trophy Pass:

450 Trophies: Odin

800 Trophies: Ullr 

1150 Trophies: Chaac

1450 Trophies: Artio

1800 Trophies: Da Ji

2450 Trophies: Amaterasu

3150 Trophies: Bellona

3800 Trophies: Hel