How to play Dice Gods

The gameplay in Dice Gods is built around strategy and chance.
Keep in mind that class counters, elements, & unit pairings can decide the outcome of a match!



There are three phases of Rolling. Players roll Dice at the start of each match. Each Dice contains one of the five Gods you have selected to bring into the arena and a random element for each roll. When two elements, units, or classes are matched, you are granted an extra bonus.



If you decide your team is well equipped to fight in the earlier rounds, Passing provides you with another opportunity to increase the strength of your team. When you are satisfied with your Roll, Passing your turn will increase your team's health and damage by 5%.



Classes are one part of the strategic puzzle. Each Class counters another, except for Guardians, a neutral class. Class bonuses are activated when you pair two or more of the same unit. 


Warrior: +30% Damage

Hunter: +40% Attack Speed

Mage: +8 Mana Per Second

Rogue: +150% Critical Strike Damage

Guardian: +50% Max Health



Elements are another way of strategizing against your opponent. Elements can increase damage output, offer crowd control against fast hitting enemies, or offer your team sustain in a fight.  Combining two of the same element will activate its bonus. Combining elements and classes together will give you the best chance at success! 


Light:  +20% Damage Reduction

Dark: +50% Increased Ability Damage

Nature: Heal 4% Health Per 1s

Fire: +50% Attack Damage

Ice: Slow Enemy Attack Speed By 50%

Air: +25% Critical Strike Chance

Game Modes

Versus Mode

Classic 1v1 PVP. Create your custom lineup of Gods before heading into battle against other players.

Pantheon Modes

The Pantheon Modes are game modes built around your team of Gods specific to a pantheon, like Greek Mythology. Once you have unlocked 5 Gods from a specific Pantheon, the queue will be open to play.

Rarity Mode

The Rarity Mode is another game mode similar the Pantheon Mode. In Rarity Mode, play with the Gods that you own of a specific Rarity - like Core, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.


Boss Mode

Enter the arena and fight epic boss battles for daily loot and experience! Bosses are rotated daily and each boss is different from one another. Some Bosses may leap to your backline and some may have high damage Area of Effect spells. 


Learn new tactics! Test out Gods and formations against AI in practice mode.